Eidos – “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” Preview Event and Interview

One of my roles at Playboy was to supervise all production for our Gaming vertical.  The biggest franchise in the vertical is Jo Garcia: The Gamer Next Door.  Jo and I produced a weekly video blog talking about the latest news in video games and  review games.  I also supervised social media on @GamerNextDoor and on Facebook.

Eidos, a video game developed headquartered in Montreal, reached out to me and invited our Gamer Next Door to Montreal to tour their production studio and play an early preview of their new game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  I flew to Montreal with Jo and produced and filmed her reactions to the game and interviews with several of the team producing the game.  I also supervised the edit of the video in post-production.

Leading up to the release of the video, we successfully built interest by releasing several outtakes from the interview to Jo’s social audience.

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