Sony Pictures Entertainment: Bucky Larson – Born To Be A Star

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Happy Madison Productions released the film Bucky Larson: Born to Be A Star in 2011 and I produced Playboy’s campaign for the film.  This included branded editorial, a viral video, display ads, and homepage takeovers.

I produced the video featured on Playboy.com and TheSmokingJacket.com to promote the film.  I worked directly with Happy Madison’s creative team and the film’s star Nick Swardson to write the video and develop the concept. The video was shot during Comic-Con at a studio in San Diego. One of Happy Madison’s directors directed the piece, but I was on set to produce and manage Playboy’s pieces of the shoot.

I also supervised our writers and worked with Sony Pictures and Happy Madison to create several editorial pieces on Playboy.com and TheSmokingJacket.com written in the voice of Bucky Larson.

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