2008 Green 4 Green Contest

2009 TRU Contest

TRU – Green For Green YouTube Contest

TRU is a market research firm and every year it prepares a keynote presentation for all of the companies that subscribe to its syndicated study on teens and twenty-somethings.  I was in charge of producing a video to be the centerpiece of that presentation.  The first year I produced the video we did it the way TRU had traditionally done it.  We flew to three major markets and interviewed teens and twenty-somethings.  This involved travel costs, logistical costs, and recruiting costs.

The following year I moved the production of the video to YouTube and social media in the form of a contest.  At the time, I managed Trendwatch, TRU’s Facebook panel of trend-forward teens and twenty-somethings and also managed  TRU’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I created a video announcing the contest, posing questions for potential entrants to answer in their videos.  I reached out to our Trendwatch and social media audience to promote the contest.  Each year the video had a specific theme and this year the theme was “sustainability.”  I reached out to environmental blogs and received a very positive response.  I also reached out to YouTube’s editors and they moved the video to the front page of YouTube.

The result was impressive.  In a typical year we were able to interview between 25-35 teens from just Chicago, LA, and New York.  With YouTube we received over 200 responses from every single continent (except Antarctica) and we did it for roughly 1/4 the cost of the traditional method.

The next year I produced the project again and we had similar success.  I have since left TRU, but they have used this method every year since.


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